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auto creation of flow diagrams

By the way, while there is no tool for generating high level documentation, you can do a literal translation of the code to C using VI scripting, but keep in mind that this is a problematic process.

As a matter of fact, not only can you do that, but NI has been doing for several versions of LV with the PDA module and the LV embedded module. LabVIEW even has methods for doing this programmatically, but I don't know if they will work without the modules and whether you actually get the C source code.

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Although I would be interested in seeing some of the obominable code I have reviewed redendered as a flow diagram, I have to second all of the coments regarding the design comes first then the implementation.

Attached are two examples of how I did this before the LV State Daigram Editor and how I do it now.

I generally design my applications so that they can be implemented in other languages if the customers chooses.


Regarding the style of diagram I use; It has been called "a little Mealey a little Moore".



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