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assign value to cell name in excel?



I'm working with excel where I open a worksheet and assign a value to a specific cell. If I want to change the location of my data on the sheet, I need to reassign the values to new cells. However, If I assign values to a cell name, it would make it lost easier for me to rearrange my sheet and I wouldn't have to change my labview code.

I don't have the report generation toolkit. How would I achieve this?

thank you for any help!


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So are you wanting to be able to specify the cell name (like A5), and then pass values to it? Here is a community example that mostly achieves this:


This example writes to the active cell that the user chooses. If this is not the exact functionality you are looking for, you can at least see how to use ActiveX to control different aspects excel and tweak the program to your needs. I hope this helps!


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If you have supplied custom names to certain cells you can feed those names into the Range method and it will work.  If you have named ranges you can use item(get) and item(put) to feed values into the proper cell.  Remember that the index starts at 1.


I have only done this a few times, so I am by no means an Excel expert.

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thanks for advice. I did try to feed in the names directly into the range method but I must been missing something because it gave me an error. I'll try again and we'll see :).  

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