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I have several commands that I want to control through references... I can create an array of references and this seems working. However if I make a cluster of an array of references and another reference to another object, the array is not appearing in the cluster ...

Something like this




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Unbundle by Name only shows elements that have labels.  The data coming out of Build Array has no label, so that element in the cluster has no label. To see all the elements use the plain "Unbundle" function.  (If you like, I can give you an XNode that adds a label to data in a wire.).

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Great, thanks for help.

I suspect I need to add a Label to the array, since adding to an element does not change anything.





How to do that ?


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That's because your array does not have a name.  Create a constant for your cluster and wire that up to the Bundle.  Be sure to name the array.

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Alternatively you can attach a label by type casting to a labelled constant (which i've used a couple of times), but in general i'd suggest Crossrulz suggestion. 🙂

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