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application freezes after several hours

I'm with the following problem:
Running a rather big application, after some time it freezes up, sometimes it is after 5 hours and sometimes its 24 hours. There appears to be no memory leak and nor is the cpu usage high.
During a freeze-up, there are no updates written to the frontpanel and one can only click a control or button once before this VI also is fully frozen (close doesnt respond).

When ever the application freezes, i have to reboot win2000, and in the eventviewer application log
i get a mysterious message which might be related:
"IOPort service failed to start due to following error: The system cannot find specified file".

Also days ago i added some analog input channels in MAX, but they where not visible, available in
labview when i wanted to add to channel for reading.

Suggestions, comments anyone?

LabView 7.0
NI-DAQ 7.2
on dual cpu system
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it would be helpful if you can list out all of the hardwares you used, software components (queue, string, datasocket, etc).

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The hardware used on the system is as follows,
PXI 1045 chassis with:
- PXI 7350, 7334 motion
- 2* PXI 6704 AO
- PXI 6031E multi.
- PXI 6602 Timer
- PXI 6511 DIO
- PXI 6512 DIO
- 2* PXI Goepel 3220 AO
- PXI 8420 RS232
- PCI DF Profibus card

Significant amount of queues are used. A comsoft OPC server is used on the DF profibus card, the data is transferred via datasockets (less than 45 datasockets\, not via the DSC module.

Further it has a script extension to CalcExpress.
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