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application builder: Including additional installers crashes LV 2010

I have had this problem for a while now, I thought it was since I have used the 2011 beta, so I removed it. I have also deinstalled LV2010 and reinstalled, the problem stays.

I can build installers just fine, but as soon as I selec any of the additional installers (for example VISA or the LV2010 runtime) and I press build the application crashes.


It is not  that bad, as I can include the runtime separately but its not convenient either.


How can I solve this? Are the source files for these installers located somewhere on disk where I can replace them?


Any help appreciated.

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I think that this problem comes from your setting in application builder. Go to the Application Settings tab of the application builder and uncheck the box to "Disconnect type definitions and remove unused polymorphic VI instances". After you do this, the application should build without hanging.

I think that it would be a solution, otherwise you can back on me.


Best regards,

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