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any example task labview for measure rpm with proximity sensor

hello master,   i want measure rpm with proximity sensor.

can you help me give me example task labview for me?

thank you

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What type of Transducer and DAQ card/hardware do you have. You have given no information


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OK, assuming you will be reading the prox sensor with a digital input, you want to create a counter task that will measure the time between pulses. LV ships with examples that demonstrate this.

Take that time and multiply it by the number of pulses per rotation that you get from the prox switch. This give you the instantaneous time for rotation.

Take the inverse of this number to get the instantaneous rotational speed in revolutions per sec.

Multiply revs/sec by 60 to get RPM.


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ok thanks for your attention.
measure with NI DAQ 6212.  and my transducer is proximity  [with spech]
8mm NPN NO proximity switch sensor LJ18A3-8-Z/BX

LJ18A3-8-Z/BX Inductance Approach Switch

- Black

+ Silver (DC 6~36V)

LM18 DC 8mm NPN NO proximity switch sensor LJ18A3-8-Z/BX 

Usage: Position Sensor
Theory: Inductance Sensor
Output: Switching Transducer
Dimension: M18*68
Sensing distance: 8 mm
Detected object: magnetic metal
Installation mode: non-flush
Connection mode: 1.2m PVC cable
Housing material: nickel-plated brass
Induction head material: ABS
Protection degree: IP 67
Operating temperature: -30 ~ +70 ℃
Model Number: LJ18A3-8-Z/BX 

can you give me example task VI?  i am sorry i am very newbe




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The proximity probe - used to measure displacement vibration on a rotating shaft, is an analog input signal typically with a -10V or so DC offsett.  Your first challenge is to obtain accurate time waveform measurements from the probe. 


Since the input range of the 6212 is +/- 10V, you may need to add a voltage divider to the front end of your circuit. 


Once you have a good time waveform, you will want to detect the rising edge (or the following edge) using a software trigger function, and then calculate the time between successive edges.  Convert this from time to rotatings per minute, and you have RPM. 


The Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite for LabVIEW has analog tachometer VIs, as well as other rotating machinery vibration VIs including order analysis and rotating machinery specific plots. 



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meanwhile i can measure rpm, but if my spindel stop.  display showing lacthing don't   "0"

can you help me?

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What does the display show when your spindle stops?

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