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analyzing the graph of a given output data

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I have this graph





this data is graphed by excel from an output file of a data recorder.


i am looking at 4 main channels.

channel 2 or 7 (they are pretty much the same..purple is behind pink)

channel 8 (dark blue line) 22C room temp

channel 9 (read line) 37C body temp

channel 10 (green line) 60 C extreme temp


from my recorder, i will be doing this test through out, i am not sure how often but i know for sure that these 3 temps are the only values i am looking for.

22, 37, and 60.


is anyway to calculate the time it takes from 22C to  90% of 37C.

how would i put this logic? i want to do it for every jump in the graph.


from 22-37, 37-60, 22-37, 37-60


i dont need to calculate the time it takes from 60-22

can someone guy me in the right directly.

thank you


Best regards,
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Accepted by topic author krispiekream

Look in the Signal Processing->Waveform Measure palette.  The Transition Measurement should do what you want.

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