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analog data to waveform

Hi, I am new using Labview, I have a CRio 9148, and a NI 9225, I am reading some voltage signals, however I am not sure how to measure rms data, since the result of the data adquisiton is a double variable, i can convert it to dynamic data but the rms does not work, the result is only a value following the peak of the signal. how can I specify that this value is a sine wave, sorry if the question is too basic.




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Hello Juan,


First of all, don't worry about how basic your question is. I think many people have the same doubt you have!


In order to calculate a RMS value, you need to have a colection of points (an array, for example) or a waveform. 


I've attached an example that calculates the RMS value from a sine waveform.


I hope that helps you!!


Best Regards.





Felipe Flores
Application Engineer
National Instruments Brazil

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Thanks for the answer, but I still have the same problem, I cant see the sine wave, the same thing happends I create an array but the dc and rms just give me values of the wave in that specific time, i am ataching a picture of what i am seeing, just for you to know in the picture I am measuring a 50Vrms sine wave.


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