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Hi, All!

I would like to offer you one idea. What do you think, is it possible with
the help of LabView to model up "alarm clock": to program one from
counters for a measurement of time in such a way after a defined time
interval a ttl-signal appear on its output, then one more and so on, until
the counter will stop. It is necessary, that the time interval would be
reffered to hardware, only in this way BMHO its invariance can be
guaranteed. An interval, the impulses appear with, can reach from minimum
value (1 ns?) to infinitum (day, week, year.... Etc.) Is anybody has any
idea, whether such "alarm-clock" is possible?
May be someone of you programmed something similar or knows where there
are similar examples?
I shall be grateful for any advic

P.S. Such "alarm clock" is necessary for me to count the number of photons
falling on the detector for defined time interval. The difficult is in how
to define a time interval and make it fast and exict, if its possible not
abstracting the computer from a basic problem. To use functions, like
Wait, it is impossible as the values of the counter are necessary for
display on the plot in real-mode...: (

With best wishes,

Igor Bljahhin
Faculty of Physic, University of Tartu, Estonia

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