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alarm and event related problem

hi dear all
again my problem needs u
On upgrading my project from labview 6.1 to labview 7.1 version i have problem in generating alarm related .ALR file which i further use in my software. for this i m using "legacy_hist_alarms_&" this vi but in labview 7.1 i replaces it with
"Alarms and event query to spreadsheet" but its number of display format and filter elements are changed i also changed these.
but how i order the elements so i correctly connect with vi . i tried acc. to error list but it gives error every time so pls give the example or any suggestion regarding the order of elements .
i m thankful to u all in advance
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What error are you receiving when you try to connect to the VI?  What do you mean by "order the elements"? Are you talking about the inputs to the VI? If so, the easiest way to connect to these are to right click on the terminal and select "Create -> Control", which will make a cluster that connects to the VI.

Let me know if this helps.
--Paul Mandeltort
Automotive and Industrial Communications Product Marketing
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