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alarm & Event

Sorry for this confused format of the posting. Here`s the right version


I`m using LabVIEW7.1. DSC. I first tried to compact the corrupt database with the MAX and get the error message "x unspecified error".

Then I created a new database and set the database path for historical & event logging with the Tag Configuration Editor to the database path.

The new database can be compacted without an error meassage with MAX and the historical logging is also ok but when I call the Alarm&Event I get the error:


Fehler -1967386611 ist bei,  aufgetreten.


When I set the database path back to the original corrupt database this error window is not activated.


How can I go on ?

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check out the following KB:


Getting Error -1967386611 While Trying to Load Database Using LabVIEW





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Thanks Joseph .

The adding of the NETWORT SERVICE has no effect to this error message. But now everything is working well. I`ve created a new database for the events/alarms and let the old one for the historical storage. I`ve change the path in the tag configuration editor  for events and alarm saving. I dont know why but first the Alarm & Event was still showing the alarm of the old database even after stopping and restarting the engine. After 4-5 tries of creating new Databases, event views in MAX and forcing alarms it suddenly starts working. Very strage .....manny thanks for your help.







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