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agilent 66319B

Hello communitySmiley Wink !
I've installed the driver "ag663xxa_LV80.msi" and try to control my power supply 66319B. It seems that some commands are not taken in account whereas it's ok when the Vis is executed. More precisely for the "Configurte Digitizer Parameter". I set the sampling rate and the number of points and when I go to see these parameters via the front panel, values haven't change. The values by default are present.
Thanks for helping me !
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Have you wired the error cluster to an error indicator ( or error display)?  Or can you place a probe on the error line (which should be ) in front of sending the "Configure Digitizer Parameter" command.  I suspect that an error has occurred somewhere and prevents that particular configuration from taking place.

As I understand, some m\commands do work, which meand the method used to communicate with the instrument (VISA or serial) works.. 

Also look at the instrument when sending the command(s) to see if an error code pops-up.  There may be an out-of-bound configuration setting which is sent and the instrument ignores the command. 


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First Thanks,
I've already connected the end of my control process to the "" which handle the error message. And no error occurs at a final execution and no Pop-Up appears in the device front panel during the process.
It seems the instrument don't store the settings and stay with the previous default parameters in memory.
Maybe I need to send another command to really set this parameters?
Kind regardsSmiley Wink
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Hello, I've found why my values don't change in the device front panel. I found the explanation in the UserGuide66319B.pdf: Chapter 4 - making basic Front Panel measurements

"Note that the front panel sample interval and buffer size settings are independent of the sample interval and buffer size that you program over the GPIB. This is because you can qualify measurement triggers over the GPIB, which makes the GPIB measurements independent of the front panel measurements. Refer to chapter 8 for more information about GPIB measurements."

Thanks and see you soonSmiley Wink

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