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agilent 34410 synchronization with DAQ

Hi everyone,


I am currently running a test with several signals. One type of the signal is a counter signal plugged into the DAQ, and the second type is some AI signals which also are plugged into the DAQ. However, a third type signal is coming from the Agilent 34410A which is more complicated to be sychronized with. Since I am a new user to Labview, I didn't sucessfuly figure out how to deal with it. I am simply just put the single point Agilent measurement in the while loop of the other signals and writing all of them together in to a file. However, I found out this way would rouin the data in some way. Hopefully I can find some luck here to get some directions,


Thanks everyone!


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Addtionally, if I set the AI input sampling rate/number of samples bigger than my agilent sample rate (about 45 samples/s), the output data will be wrong. If it's smaller, it seems okay. However, I don't think the data are synched.

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Hi Bruceland,


there really is no way to synchronize VISA devices as they don't have the timing/trigger capabilty. As for your second post, If you try to sample more data than you have collected you will run into problems, so always set the software sample rate / number of samples less than the agilent device.

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That 34410A Does have a few trigger modes.  One of them really does happen to be "TRIGer:SOURce:EXTernal"  Just wire the start trigger out of your DAQ device to the DMM and VIOLA!


And, as a bonus, in this case it doesn't matter what color wire you use.  (How come people forget about using HARDWARE to solve their code problems?)

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Thanks, the Angilent 34410A do have trigger function. Though it might not be perfect for my situation, but it works!

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Thanks for reminding. I used external trigger and it can get my required data though with some small time delay which I believe would be the effect of VI calculation and hardware speed.

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I still noticed a problem which is once for while the aquired data will suddenly shift back to zero. 

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