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adding a folder to a zip file



Any update on this?


I'm trying to do exactly the same i.e. create a zip file with preserved folder hierachy (like any zip compression tool would do!).


The OpenG package has a function which is supposed to compress a whole folder but it doesn't work (error 8 - problem with file permission).


I can't believe a function like this doesn't exist in Labview.


Does anyone know a working function to create a zip file (with comments and passwords) while preserving folder hierarchy?







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I uploaded a screenshot of what I did and it works, sry it is kind of messy. i will try and explain it if you need me to but this should get you started

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the "configure file" sub vi does not do anything, it just gives a file placement location, it can be disregarded

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Hi all,


I'm writing a VI in LabView 2013 that zips a folder with the same subfolder tree and it's working fine except for empty folders.


With the "Add File To Zop.VI" in the LabView library I can zip all the files I need, but if the source file path is a folder the VI doesn't do anything.

I'd like to add empty folders to the zip, does anybody knows hot to do it?

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Hello Marcello,


Unfortunately, the native LabVIEW ZIP API does not currently support adding an empty folder to an archive. However, I believe the OpenG ZIP API extension does allow you to compress a complete directory hierarchy. Have you used an OpenG package or the OpenG add-on ZIP API before?


OpenG Libraries - OpenG


I hope this helps!


Best regards,


Andy C.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

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I've never tried before OpenG libraries but I will..


Meanwhile I'm using an external portable zip tool called by "System Exec.VI" but I'd rather to find an internal LabView tool.


Thank You very much




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