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add a external vi to LLB library


am not able to add   a vi   to a llb file.


both r in the same folder.  (same labview ver 2012 to  make them)


labview does not let  to copy!


is there a workaround for it

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the  VI(to be copied )   has  frontpanel  which i want to copy.


there r no dependencies  on other vis

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How are you trying to copy?  I've done this plenty of times with the File->Save As option in LabVIEW.


Make sure the files are not set to Read Only.

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you ask many questions on this forum and yet you refrain to use proper "netiquette" which highly recommends you to use full words instead of abbrevations ('r' instead of 'are' for instance) and write complete sentences.

This makes your question hard to read and harder to understand. So please start to work on yourself and post questions in a proper way.


That being said, you also should know by now that stating the versions of used software packages is mandatory in most cases. So providing this information in the initial post is recommended!


In order to create a LLB file, you have to use the LV development environment.  The best way to work with LLBs is to create a project for the sources and then use a build specification "Source Distribution" to create the LLB.

In case you want to add a VI to such a LLB, add the VI to the project and re-run the build spec.

Adding a VI to an existing LLB is also possible by saving the vi-file in the LLB. Refer to the LV help "Saving VIs in Existing LLBs" for detailed information.


Older versions of LV enabled you to edit LLB with either the LLB Manager or even directly in the Windows Explorer, hence the question for the LV version.




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ya thanks

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I am using the Labview 2012 SP1 version.


Its solved now. Its easy to "save as"  the file  in LLB.


LV-2012  does not support drag&drop, may be.



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