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activex - firefox and mozilla

i want to login automatically on a webside

1. is it possible to use a firefox or a mozilla browser window on my frontpanel (via an activex container?)
2. how can i access the components

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I dont believe mozilla firefox has an activex component. Its cross platform, and not written on microsoft technology. You can however use IE as an activex. The calls are fairly straightforward once you get the containter setup on the front panel.

I personally would rather use firefox everywhere, but i dont think it will fit this application 🙂
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Here is the link to the download page for the Mozilla ActiveX Plugin page.  It uses a lot of the similar features as used in IE.  I have not downloaded it yet (I will in the near future) so I cannot tell you how to use it yet.

I will try to get to it in the next couple of days, but if you have success with it please post back with your results.



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That plugin seems to allow activex controls to be displayed INSIDE the mozilla browser, rather than allowing the browser to be an activex itself.
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Hi muehlbacher,

a colleague found something very interesting for you, and I implemented a little VI that loads mozilla in the frontpanel.

Get the Mozilla ActiveX-Control here and install it:

Get this VI: (Building a Simple Web Browser Using ActiveX) and just replace the IE-ActiveX to "MozillaBrowser Class" and you can use mozilla to browse.

If and how the mozilla ActiveX is able to access components in a loaded website, that I don't know. So you have to search through the API or contact the developers.

Have fun with Mozilla!

Best Regards

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hi Andreas Pistek
thank you very much
is it possible to save the vi in labview 7.1

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if you just want to download a certain webpage to parse the content without any user- interface maybe the program "wget.exe" can help.

It is amazing, how simple it is to use such powerful components through ActiveX. But there is one thin I found. If you have a proxy to go to the internet, the IE- control uses the Internet-Settings from the system-panel. But Mozilla doesn't and I didn't find the property to pass the IP- address.
What can I do?


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Greets, Dave
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Where is MOZILLACONTROLLiB located?

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Did you install the ActiveX control that was provided in the link? If so, the control should be in the "C:\Program Files\Mozilla ActiveX Control v1.7.12" directory. When you right-click on the front panel object and select "Insert ActiveX Object", you can select it this way:

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Thanks smercurio…! Its working now.

Have a very pleasant weekend!
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