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acquisition of on-chip binned images

Hi all,
I seem to be having problems while acquiring binned images. I have the following setup -
Dalsa 1m30p camera (has onchip binning capability)
PCI - 1422 imaq board.
These are the sequence of steps leading to the problem:
* send command to the camera to get to the binning mode.
* change the region of interest in IMAQ Configure to the smaller image size.
* Snap the image.
I do not get the 'expected binned image' - the clean complete image with lesser resolution. Instead i get skewed and elongated image replicas.
What am i missing?

Thanks a lot for the help!!

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Sounds like you are using a Dalsa 1M30 cam and are trying to access the binning functionality.

I have taken a brief look at both what we provide for this camera and what the camera is capable of. It sounds like you are sending the serial command to the camera (using IMAQSerialWrite??) to set it into a binning mode (say 2x2). When you then acquire the image, it does not come in correctly.

Normally, with a binning-type attribute change on the camera, some other parameters need to change for our board in order for the acquisition to still work. In this case, I am suspecting, that when you change the binning mode, the image size changes (say from 640x480 to 320x240). Without making this change in the camera file (*.icd), the board will still be expecting 640 pixels per row, and thus will get some strange data from the camera.

If you are using the NI supplied camera file for this camera, you will notice in the 'Dalsa 1M30 Support.txt' file, which can be located in the Dalsa camera file directory on our FTP site, that we do not provide the serial communication in the camera file (which would include setting the attributes like binning, etc).

Another thing to clarify is that setting up the Region of Interest for the acquisition VIs DOES NOT change the 'Acquisition Window' parameters (i.e. the ones that are in the camera file). In order to change those, you will need to use the IMAQ property node and adjust the Session Information properties. This will tell the board to only acquire a certain number of pixels per row, etc.

This is what I would suggest trying to fix this issue. If you set up into 4x4 binning, try reducing the acquisition window by a factor of 4 and see if the image straightens out.

Colin C.
Applications Engineering
Colin Christofferson
Community Web Marketing
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Thanks Colin. I could change the acq. window in NI-MAX after adding the attribute to the camera file (.icd file.) How do i achieve the same in Labview?
By changing IMAQ properties for the image to be acquired?

thanks a lot!
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Please ignore the above post!!
My bad!! 😞
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