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acquiring square wave and finding dutycycle

Hiii frnz.

            Iam acquiring square wave using analog input. Here i have to find out the dutycycle. The DAQ iam using is 6215.

The signal frequency is 12k. The prob here is with rising time and falling time of the signal. For a perfect signal the rising

nd falling time is zero. But here it shows some milli seconds. Because of which the duty cycle varies. Here iam attatchng

the VI..Look it out and help me with this.

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In a real world situation, the rise and fall times can never be zero. You cannot have instantaneous change in voltage.

It will take some finite time to go from 0V to 5V. The rate at which this will rise will also depend on the stability of your signal source.


As for your VI, since you are using express VIs, why dont u use the express VI for finding the duty cycle also.

You can use the Timing and Transition to find the duty cycle. ( Express>> Signal Analysis >> Timing and Transition Measurements)


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