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acquiring a webcam image without vision toolbox

Hai! I am also finding difficult to download the tools which support vision and motion

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I have some problem with WebCam_Example_LV71 I get only 2nd picture (1st is black), so also captured picture is black.
After small adaptation of vi, capture working fine.

How to get 1280 x 720 image (instead of 640 x 480) from camera. I'm usung Logitech HD C525. I also like to change gain and exposure from LabView.
Another problem is, that suddenly live picture is randomly very fast interrupted (5 to 10 times per second) with black picture. In IDE solution is to close vi and open it again.


Windows 7 64 bit LabView 2012 32bit

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The thread you're replying to hasn't had any activity in three years.  It's also considered bad etiquette to "hijack" a forum thread.  As a general rule, it's better to create a new thread to discuss the issues you'd like to push towards a resolution.


If I understand you correctly, you tweaked their example to get it working and you're satisfied with that.  Now, you want to take a look at changing the image size, gain, and exposure.


I'd suggest taking a look in MAX to see your camera's settings to see if there is an option for that resolution.  You can also modify the camera properties through a property node.  There should be examples in Help-> Find Examples.


If that isn't enough to get you started, please start a new thread stating what you've tried, where you're currently stuck, and what versions of the software you're using.  That'll help people focus on your issue rather than have several issues within the same thread.

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Oldi, can you share a zip file with all of your subVIs so that I can run your code?


Thank You in advance!

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