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acquire/manipulate audio data from internet stream

I want to acquire the audio data from an audio stream (i.e. pandora, youtube, etc.) from the internet.  If I can get this data and be able to play it/graph it/etc in Labview, I will be pleased.  However, I'm not sure if this is even possible not knowing the details behind how packets are built and transmitted over the internet. 


The closest I've come is using the and taking the data from the sound card; albeit, it's very noisy. 


For fun though, I'd like to do something directly from the audio stream itself (perhaps building a dll?) to gain a better understanding and experience. 


Any advice is greatly appreciated!






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Dnor - 


As far as I am aware there is a specific data time for audio streaming online, and it's something specific you would likely need to know on a low level to communicate/copy to.  Although it wouldn't be real-time, you can run a Windows audio recording program like TotalRecorder which should save and convert the audio output to .wav.  Then run a LabVIEW vi to read the wave file, which you could graph.  There is a KnowledgeBase on setting up the read from .wav file here if you'd like to go that route:  




Ben N.
Applications Engineering
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I agree.  I anticipate the free online converters would provide a nice source file to access with Labview and manipulate/graph/etc.  I guess in essence, I am hoping to create my own converter.  I wouldn't say as efficient as ones I could download; moreover, I'm not trying to do it 100% with Labview.  If I have to create something in C or C#, so be it.  I just have no idea where to really start. 


Again, this is just for fun.  I don't know much about networking, TCP, UDP, etc, so I thought this might be fun to do and learn in the process.  I'll keep trying or think of something else. 


If anyone has any ideas similar to this, my ears are open.    



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