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accessing properties of characters in a string



I am trying to access the property of selected fonts inside a string. But apparently, the whole string receives that peroperty. For ex, I want to make one character bold, but the whole string becomes bold. I want to change the font of one character into symbol font, but the whole string switches to symbol. I have attached two vi s here. one is from ni, another I have made based on the ni vi. In my vi, I am trying to change the Ö into a sqrt symbol. In NI vi ,(array_of_clusters_properties), I am trying to make the first character bold.


Please help.

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Missed attachments. Here they are.

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that is what i have demonstrated in second vi. it doesnt seem to work.

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First of all, you need to select the text before applying font properties.


array_of_clusters_properties[1]_BD.png  should be format.png


I'm not sure what else you're trying to do.

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Hi Jim,


that too does not seem to work. the property gets applied to the entire string. there has to be some other way of doing this. pls see the attached vi.



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Hi pcs,


the problem seems to be the requirement of universal properties for all array elements. When you run your VI in highlight mode you will notice the change of the font for a short period of time - just to be resetted soon after. With a scalar cluster the same procedure works!


You should change your cluster to contain 2 strings: first one for the procentage value, second one for the unit. Just set that 2nd string once to a fixed value and you're done...

Best regards,

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Hi Gerd,


thanks for your suggestion.


but i was thinking, splitting each string into two clusters and then binding them together and then setting property and then putting all of them into one cluster is too much coding. is there a smarter and simpler way of doing this? some font which has symbols as well as alphabets may be? or disabling universal property? 


as a matter of fact, as a newbie in labview, i have not been able to implement what you suggested either. Smiley Sad



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Hi pcs,


what is a "universal property" you like to disable?


Simple rule: in an array all elements share the same properties, they only differ in value.



You can enable some basic unicode support in LabVIEW. (But be warned: this is just basic and not supported very well.) Just search the forum for more information on that topic...

Best regards,

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Hi Gerd,


Thanks for the suggestion. I ll try in that direction.



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