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I try to communicate with OMICRON TICRO100 using labview. It is possible to communicate with this material using JSON or SOAP commands. I managed to send JSON commands using labviewHTTPClient.lvlib Unfortunately, only 4 commands are available with JSON, the other are available using SOAP.

Therefore, i used the labview tool to import and generate automatically the API using the WSDL file. The tool generated an API with all functions , but when i try to use the API ,i open the web service, and call  one function i get error 1172 (HTTP 417: Expectation Failed. ).

In the TICRO documentation, i read i have to parameter this:

//T  // TICRO web server does not support the headers otherwise
System.Net.ServicePointManager.Expect100Continue =false;


 How can i do that ? I found the .NET class, but there is no property in the API generated to change this property.. Maybe someonen has another idea ?

Thanks for your help!

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Hello kabooom,


Were you able to find a solution for your question ?



Clement Dekeyser

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Hi Cdkey...

I didn't manage to use the vi generated by the tool.That's a shame because the tool looks great ...

Finally i used a simple http post command. I used soapUI tool to have the xml string to post and easyXML from jki to generate the string. It works, but any idea to use the vi generated is welcome..

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