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about the command summary in datasheet

I'm trying to build a driver for a laser by using Labview. 

attached is the application note. the related command summary begins in page 11.

I want to scan the frequency of the laser and plot the power of each frequency. can anyone tell me which commands to use? 

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That is a rather detailed and complicated command set and format. You really need to understand what the laser is doing and what interactions might exist between commands. For example setting the fatal power threshold incorrectly might allow setting the power or frequency to a value which would destroy the laser.


I would not begin to suggest which commands to use without spending enough time studying both this document and the specifications and operating manuals for the device. 


If you are not confident that you uderstand both the laser and the communications protocol, I recommend that you hire a professional to assist you.



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My rule of thumb for making instrument drivers is to first figure out what you would do manually to set up the instrument.  Write down each and every step you do.  Then go digging into the manual for the command that does each of those steps.  Unless you truely understand the instrument, it is next to impossible to write a driver for it.

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