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 I have a project which I build into an application(.exe).  When building an .exe file I choose one VI as a startup VI, and two VI's and three sv-libraries as Always Included. I choose Support Directory to be a folder which is in the same path with exe-file. Now when I build an application, there are those three sv-libraries and nitagvl.dll in same folder(support directory). Next I use the exe-file to make an installer. Then I install the application. Application does not work properly. Connecting target device is not a problem, but disconnecting it or exiting the application crashes application.

But if I move the nitaglv.dll after installation from that subfolder(support directory) to same path with exe-file, it works fine. I compared this new project to older project, and older version works when that nitaglv-file is in that support directory. Old project was made with Labview 8.5, and this new project were made with 8.5.1.


In some point I had lv 8.6 installed on my computer, but I removed it and installed 8.5.1. Is there some possibility that my nitaglv-file is wrong? Moving that file is not a big deal, but I would like to have an installer which works without having to move files. I'm also afraid of other errors that might occur.  there is a very similar error window, except that the path refers directly to installed exe.


Can anyone help me with this? Thanks allready!



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Problem solved. I used msiblast to unistall all NI software and then reinstalled software. Now installer works fine.
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