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a GPS signal simulation problem


I want to use niGPS toolkit to generate a simulation location GPS signal,and send it with USRP. Then, I use cellphone map APP to see whether the signal is generated or correct.The VI modified from "niGPS Direct Streaming" is attached.

I configured parameters and ran the VI, but the map APP seldom located at the expected position.

So I want to know whether my configuration is incorrect or what does the IQ wave generated form "niGPSv2 Create Data(I16).vi" look like if correct. 

And when the signal is correct, how will the map APP get the simulation location such as the expected taking time or the collision with real GPS signal.

Any suggestion will be appreciated, thanks.



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Here is a demo describing how to create a custom trajectory file and play it back using the toolkit examples:

Some examples from the forum:

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