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Zeromq Library for Lynx 3.0 on Raspberry pi target

Hi everyone,

After a long time playing with Yocto, I discover the good news with easy-to-use Lynx 3.0 for raspberrypi, and the bad news as some features of the LabVIEW Real-Time module are not supported on LINX targets, like the shared variables engine (no streams).

But what about bridged, networked and deported software ?
So, to make up for it and have fun, I thought about the 0mq library.

Although I'm not sure that's fundamentally necessary, I crossed compile the Zeromq 4.2.0 and the last labview-zmq libraries for arm7 target with that perfect tutorial :
(thanks thanks thanks M. smithd)

After installed it on my raspberry pi target, it's working with a simple Publisher/Suscriber example in source.
(thanks to Amaury Laurent for the code -see his website, it's fun)

I haven't tested all the functionnality and possibility given by the 0mq technologie, or did stress test, but right now I have datas from my rasp and lattepanda.

I've attached the librairies, the platform.hpp and the labview code (Lv 2014 SP1) for those who think this may be useful to them.

Have a nice day.

Florent Morandat

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