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Zeroing LVDT graphs


Im currently very new to LABVIEW and am making a program to measure soil consolidation using LVDT's. I have two graphs coming from my myDAQ input, I've split the signals and they work fine. However my experiment requires that the lvdts measure displacement in both the negative direction and positive direction.


So i would like to know how if possible if can zero a graph(button) once i have the LVDT's setup as they will have to be a roughly half displacement to measure consolidation and possibly swelling. As each sample with be a little different height and the movement that will be measured is small (a couple of mm)

Ive attached my VI


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Please check this community example as it shows how to zero a ai channel.


You could always post process the data before you graph it to subtract the steady value form the measurements.

Kyle Hartley
Senior Embedded Software Engineer

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