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Zebra printer - Printing from LabVIEW using ZPL commands....

I've setup a simple VI to print on a Zebra TLP 2824 Plus printer using ZPL commands and cannot print.   Using USB connection.  Prints fine with Zebra Simple Setup Utility and same commands.  Tried using two methods without success.  I've attached both vi's.






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Hello DG,


Have you been able to print ANY document using LabVIEW?  I looked over your code, and I'm wondering, is your goal to simply print out a string using the default printer?  What is the purpose of the ZPL commands?

Michael B.
Applications Engineer
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Thanks for your reply..


Objective is to print a code 128 bar code serial number using the Zebra.  Design ideas came from the forum.  Prints fine to my Lexmark 4300 printer or a pdf file pro.  With the Zebra, the only activity I see is the pulsing of the green LED.  Tried both Windows XP and Windows 7 with the same results.   Stripped down code to use the simple print vi and the ~wc (ZPL printer config. label) without success.   Can't understand why other NI guys had no issues using same method. 


Any additional direction would be great.....


Thanks again..

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Hi DG,


To clarify, when you use your LabVIEW code to print something to your Lexmark printer, it works just fine.  But, when you use the SAME LabVIEW code to send something to your Zebra printer, it fails.  Am I understanding your problem correctly?  Basically, the code works when you select one printer but doesn't work when you select the Zebra printer.  Correct?

Michael B.
Applications Engineer
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Yes your right. FYI I've sent the string via USB to rs232 converter connected to the zebras db9 using VISA write.... And no issues.
Thanks for your time.
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I had to use the wizard to create a generic NI-VISA driver to send ZPL commands to the ZM400 printers we used.


see also,



edit:  This was necessary to use the USB connection.  I recall determining that the supplied Zebra driver changed the formatting (headers, etc) and this was the easiest way I found to control the exact string being sent.  Obviously if you change the Printer driver for this application, it may break other software on the machine.



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Don't wish to cure one thing and then generate issues. How would I retreive the VID and PID numbers?

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Open device manager and open the printer driver properties.  Select the hardware ID properties and you should see the VID and PID.


You can also do this with the "unknown device" if drivers are not installed.

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try to use EPL2 commands.



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try to use EPL2 commands.



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