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Yokogawa WT3000E how to read user defined Functions in LABVIEW?

Hi everybody,


is it possible to read the values of user defined functions from WT3000E in LabVIEW?

I tried to find any command for that but without success!

Can anybody help me please?

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Well, I just peeked at the Manual, noted there were GPIB and optional RS-232 and USB interfaces that seem designed for interacting with PCs.  Have you thoroughly studied the Manual, particularly sections dealing with the optional PC connections, to see if there are hints there?


Bob Schor

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The index of command at page 6-11 (5th edition)

:MEASure:FUNCtion<x>? Queries all settings related to user-defined functions. 6-79



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Hi, thank you for your replies.

With the command: ":MEASure:FUNCtion<x>..." I define the expression of this function in wt3000. My goal is to display the values of this functions on my LabVIEW front Panel, like the numeric values of Voltage and Current with ":NUM:NORM:VAL?....".

I hope you understand my problem.


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The function I mentioned is a query function for all user defined settings

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Is this approach right to read the values of user defined functions?

I'm not sure and I can't try it out now.

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I think you should start with the first example:



Don't have the instrument available but you can start with this example. 

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Are you able to communicate with the WT3000E?  The simpliest entry to begin with is the "*IDN?" query (Entered without the quotes) which should return a string response usually containing the Manaufacturer, Model Number, Firmware Version, and possibly some other company/product relevant info.

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