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YUV 4:2:2 to Labview Image Data Type

I am acquiring images from a Basler scA640-70gc Scout camera.  When I was first working with it, I had everything setup using the labview image data type, and I was getting images no problem.  However, I wasn't getting the frame rate I needed using the standard controls.  So I switched to the low level IMAQdx VI that would get me the raw data.  That got my frame rate up to 70fps.  The low level call (IMAQdx Get Image gives me an array of U8 values.  The camera is working in YUV 4:2:2 format, and IMAQdx seems to have the ability to convert this pixel information into the labview data type when I use the standard calls.  But nothing is jumping out at me when I search the vision palettes for something to type cast the data in an image data type.  Is there a subVI I am missing that does this conversion, or does somebody have a function built that will convert it?  I will gladly store the data as an array, but when I need to put something on screen for the user, I need to get it switched into the image data type so I can use the vision tools on it.  Thanks.

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