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YIPPEE! Passed my CLAD Exam

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Really? I have been to NI days 3/4 times  but never encounter free thing like this. May be becoz i m in thailand. 🙂
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well done Jeff, Ive got mine on the 1st July so I'm revising like mad!!!
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Just passed mine today  .... also bragging.  🙂
-Matt Bradley

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since no-one will show you- I had to learn html from a tutorial to get this.Copy the above into your signature without the quotes

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Hey Everyone,


We will be revising some of the Test Preparation materials out there on the net and would love to have your feedback good or bad on the CLAD and the materials to study for it. This thread actually got convinced me to come to the community for feedback. I would love it if you all could provide your experiences and suggestions. Thanks.

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Hi Andrew,

I looked at the link you posted.

The poll listed on the page is:


LV Fundamentals Exam



That isnt a question, or even a complete sentence Smiley Wink ,

so I'm not quite sure how to answer that.


But, reading between the lines, I assume it means "Do you think the LV Fundamentals Exam helped?"
To which I respond, yes, I think it was very close to the actual CLAD exam.

Cory K
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passed CLAD!

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You deserve to have the title because you have the knowledge.

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new bee just trying to get my CLAD signature working

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Doesn anyone know if you have to retake the test when it expires or just renew it? I passed mine in February of 2009 and I think it expires next month.
Bruno Noronha

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Using LabVIEW 8.6
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