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Xilinx FIR Compiler Node creates long file names

Hi all,


When I'm creating a Xilinx FIR filter for my FPGA in LabVIEW I can configure it with the Xilinx FIR Compiler Node, but this thing creates very long path names for my files, they are so long my git server doesn't allow it anymore. I'm already choosing very short names for the filters and the path is almost at the root of my disk.


no name changes.png


When I open the "Configure Xilinx IP" It will open the FIR Compiler, and here it shows the new by labview generated compopnent name, like in the image below. Is there a way to decrease the size of those random characters?


long IP name.png




I've tried not adding these intermediate files to my repository, but when I try to open the project from another machine I have to reconfigure all the FIR filters. This is a real pain because these filters are not made by me.


Does anyone know how to change the long file names, or have a different solution for me?


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How long are these paths?


I have paths lengths up to 218 characters, and git doesn't mind at all.

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The path lengths are up to 267 characters. and git clients do mind

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That might actually be a Windows thing. Windows runs into problems with paths >260 characters. I just realized I'm walking on thin ice as well.


This has been a limit for years (decades?), so even if this is changed (as seems happen in the future), git might have this hard coded in it's code.


I'm afraid NI has to fix this.


Hardly a fix, but I had situations like this (also with GIT, IIRC), where the command line tool "subst" came in handy. This allows you to substitute any path with a drive letter. So "C:\my directory" could become "P:\". This might just reduce those 7 characters that are needed.

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