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XY joystick test program for myRIO on labview

I am trying to program two BLDC motors using an arduino XY joystick module (you will find a picture in the attachment), however I am trying to test the joystick first see if it works, so can anybody tell me how to connect my joystick ports to myRio module and a test VI.



thank you,

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Oh, boy.  On a PC, Joysticks are (I believe) implemented using Microsoft DirectX functions.  I've had an "Idea" on the Idea Exchange for several years, as NI only enumerates the first few (10?) Direct Show devices, and I've had systems where a Joystick was #15, and thus not "seen" by LabVIEW.  This struck me as silly -- if you are going to query the DirectX API and it says "Hey, here are the 15 gadgets I see", why not return them all?


I'm pretty sure that myRIO doesn't know from DirectX.  I suspect you have an "interesting task" ahead of you.  Keep us posted on your progress.


Bob Schor

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If I remember correctly, those little analog joysticks are just variable resistors for the X and Y positions.


You will need to supply it with 5V and Gnd from your device, then take the X and Y outputs of the stick into analog inputs on your device.



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Sorry, I failed to look at the pictures you attached (I'm "allergic" to pictures on the Forum, which are too often simply pieces of Block Diagrams) and misinterpreted what you mean by "Joystick" (thinking about devices made by Logitek and others for gamers).  I agree with Deceased -- this is probably a simple A/D two-channel read-and-scale problem.


Bob Schor

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