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XY graph display uncertain number lines.

Hi altenbach, I tried to simplify my vi as the attachment showing. The Pixelh vi is just a unit conversion vi. The array and acquire vi are the sub-vi used in the main vi (, the sub-vi is provided by the manufacture, I just used them before, so I did not know I had a 3D array. I really want to display and save multi lines at one time, but their vi only permit me display and save one line at one time. The displaying number is typed by users (corresponding to 'area number'). If 5 is typed in,then 5 lines will be acquired and all the 5 lines will display in the graph, not only the number 5 line displays. And I still do not know how to save the 3d array data, so I cannot upload the data. Sorry. Hope this time, the information is enough and clear. Thanks

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