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XNET with DAQmx Sync Issue


My goal is to sync CAN signals with analog input channels.  I based my program off the LabVIEW example Synchronize C Series CAN with DAQmx Analog Input, however, I was experiencing a timing discrepancy.  It is my understanding that by wiring the DAQmx Start Trigger to the XNET session, the session starts acquisition when the DAQ starts acquisition.  The problem is that during several runs, my CAN t0 was before my AI t0, which according to the code, should not be possible.  Has anyone experienced this issue? Or see something is missing?


I have attached a modified Synchronize C Series CAN with DAQmx Analog that demonstrates my issue along with an image of my results.  In my custom program (multiple analog inputs and CAN signals) I have seen up to a 50 ms difference.

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