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X-Net: Signals appear to not have been added to frame


Hello everyone,

while trying to create a CAN-Bus signal out of Labview with the help of X-Net I observe a peculiar behaviour. For some reason, after generating a database in the "Database Editor" the associated signal list does not appear in the dropdown menu in Labview. So I proceed to create it programmatically. First a database is generated in "memory". A Cluster0 is added, then inside it a Frame0 and finally a Signal0. However, when I read the "Frame0" property "Sigs", there is no signal listed in the Indicator.

Unbenannt.PNGAny ideas on that?


Thanks alot

BR, Lysandros

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Have a look at the example "CAN Dynamic Database" from the NI example finder (search for keywords XNET).


I strongly assume that you need to define all the properties of your frames and signals (like Frame ID, start bit, bit length, ...) before it is a valid object.


Regards, Jens

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Thanks Jens.

I hadn't yet deployed the database on the Target, that's why it didn't work. I will nevertheless have a look at the dynamic database creation


Regards, Lysandros

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