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Writing data from a table into a spreadsheet file

I've managed to figure out putting a table on the screen for user in put (I think  I made it more difficult for myself than it actually was) and I can have LabVIEW convert the data into a spreadsheet string and display that for me.  Now I'd like to send the data entered into the table out as a tab-delimited text file.  What's holding me up at the moment is that not all the data in the table is numeric.  I've got four columns, the first of which will hold an 8- or 9-digit serial number, presently starting with 0.  Columns 2-4 will be numeric (integer) information.  What's the proper way to get my table data into this tab-delimited text file?
Thank you for your help.
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You can use a for loop to auto index or you can use the index array in a while loop to sepaerate each of the lines.  I attached a block diagram that shows both methods and what format they will output in.  It should get you started.


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The attached example shows how table content is convert to spreadsheet string for storing, as well as converting read spreadsheet string to table data for displaying.

Hope this is useful 🙂



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Tremendous help.  Thanks, friends, for the gif and the example!


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