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Writing and updating data to EXCEL........!!

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There are two ways to "write to Excel" -- use the "Write to Spreadsheet" (which writes an "Excel-compatible file" and using the Report Generation Toolkit which can open Excel and actually "write to Excel".  If you use the latter, you can do the following -- use the (slightly-mis-named) New Report, with your existing Report wired into the "Template" terminal (turning "New Report" into "Open Existing Report"), use the Excel-specific General function "Excel Get Last Row" to get the coordinates of the last row in your WorkSheet, then use the Excel Easy Table function to add new tabular data starting at the Last Row (you may need to add one the row -- I don't recall whether the function returns the last used row or the first unused row).  When you are done, you do a Save Report, using the same name you used when you called the New Report function and (forgive the bad joke, please), "Bob's your Uncle".



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Thank u very much to all.....!!


My problem got solved......I used Excel get last row and did it...i got the solution..



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