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Write to excel using labview!!!! Please guys, I need your help. (I attached my VI)

So basically I want the values in the cell. Date, Time, Data 1, Data 2 to keep changing in the same cell. Not in other empty cells like shown below:

what I don't want.PNG


This below is what I want: 

what I want to generate.PNG

So I DO NOT want to see values in row 6 and so on. How do I achieve this? I want to see values changing in the same cell without stopping the VI.

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Granted I have never used the excel report generation tool kit but I have a question and suggestion...


Do you think you are going to be able to open the Excel file and watch the cell values change while you program is running? That will probably not work due to two programs trying to access the same file will cause a Windows file sharing violation.


Instead of "Insert into Array" try "Replace Subset". As I believe Insert will do just that, Insert a new row/column/element and push the rest down or over growing the array. Where as "Replace Subset" will over write the array Row, Column, or element  

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I don't know why you'd want do this, but I modified your VI to do as you asked. The problem was that the data in your shift register was growing every iteration.



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