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Write to Spreadsheet File

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I am trying to write to a spreadsheet file. 


There are two things which I am trying to do which the current .vi doesn't do. 


1. Ask for a file name outside of the while loop. At the moment this occurs inside of the while loop.

2. Append to file (by setting to True) doesn't work as every time the while loop is iterated in this example it asks me for a new file name. Shouldn't it just append to file without asking for a new file name on every iteration.





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If you don't specifiy the file path, then the Write to Spreadsheet File asks for the file.  That just the way the function works.  If you go into the Advanced File Functions palette, you will find a File Dialog function.  Put that outside of your loop and pass the resulting path into the loop and to the Write to Spreadsheet File.

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