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Write to Spreadsheet File (How to Start New Rows)

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I am reading in signals from a hardware device and trying to write it into several columns using the Write to Spreadsheet File every few seconds.


My problem is every time a new signal comes in, my program seems to overwrite the previous signal when it writes to file, so when (say after 2 minutes) I go in to check the written file, it only shows 1 row of information. How can I fix this?


Attached is a portion of my VI and the output file.

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Accepted by topic author Kalyie

If the program segment shown in your image is inside a loop, then the Write Header section overwrites the file each iteration of the loop.  Then you only see the data from the last iteration.  Solution: Move the Write Header and Write Channel Names portions outside the loop or put them inside case structures which only execute when you want a new file or new Channels.



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Thanks! This worked after I moved the Write Header and Write Channel Names outside of the loop.

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