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Write to Measurement File Multi-File Termination Settings


I'm trying to get a better understanding of the File Termination settings for the Write to Measurement File Express VI...What is the difference between Segments and Samples?  And If I Select multiple File Termination setting will they all reset back to 0/default when one of them activates a new_file?


I want to generate a file with multiple COLUMNs of data and one Segment Header at the top.  I then want a new file to be created whenever it reaches 1048576 ROWs of data (Max size for Excel 2007 to read) - is this Samples or Segments? OR generate a new File every week (168 hours), if the Max Samples/Segments have not been reached.


When i Select both "After n Samples/Segments" and "At specified interval", will it reset the 168 hour interval back to 0 whenever a new file is created from reaching n Samples/segments or will the time interval keep going uninterupted and create a odd sized file?




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Hi Mikep815,


I think the below link will provide you some additional information on your questions:


If I understand correctly, your 1048576 limit would be a sample setting. Also by using the time interval setting the time count will reset after the new file is created.


Hope this helps.

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