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Write time stamp and Voltage to text file

I am a novice 2011 LabVIEW user and am trying to build a program that will write TIME in one column and VOLTAGE in another to a text file for later interpretation with MATLAB. I started to add elements to an existing code, which I downloaded from the examples forum, because it works well for my purposes of sending a finite square signal. The code that I started modifying is attached to this thread. If somebody wants to take the time to provide me with an example of how I can do this with my existing code, it would be greatly appreciated. I learn better from example.




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you should really check out the shipped examples to do this quit easily...


from LV2013:Help>Find Examples>Fudamentals>File Input and Output  Smiley Wink


sorry, i dont have LV2011

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This is a pretty simple set of code that every 5 seconds writes to a csv file that is stored in the location shown in the code. In order to apply something similar to your code simply run the data that you wish to store into the concatenate strings in the form of a string and it should be fine. 


Although after looking over your code a second time you should probably take a look at the convert "Array to Spreadsheet string" function, all you would have to feed it is an array of times and measurements at the completion of your program and feed it into a file and it should do everything for you.

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