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Write Elvis Programms on Labview

Yes, I did not look at the differences, The 3.0.7 seems to be obsolete and for the old Elvis hardware.
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thanks for the Info but where do you find the Info that 3.0.7 is for the old hardware.

I own the NI Elvis II

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By reading the description. Click on it and it will expand.
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oh i always misread it because when i read "NI Elvis" i thought they mean it generell.

Then maybe i know why i dont had any bibs in my Labview



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with installing the new Elvis Software i have access on the DAQ Inputs from my Elvis Board.

There i have an question.

I have Inputs and Outputs on the Labview.

On the Board i have some more Inputs and Outputs, which are used in the Elvis Programs.

Can i access this Ports or are they reserved only for the official NI Programs.

I cant change the official Programs too or?


But the rest is working perfekt 😉

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