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With IMAQdx the opening (LabVIEW or MAX) of a USB3 vision camera (Toshiba Teli) takes extremly long

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My company is trying to switch from the camera integration of a specific camera supplier to IMAQdx (USB3 Vision standard) due to supply difficulties, to become independent from specific manufacturers.


I have








but it takes several minutes to open the device and have access to the images (grab/snap).

Even if I just saw images, then only click another line in MAX and back on the Teli camera, it will take several minutes again.

The same applies to IMAQdx Open


The situation seems to be independent of whether the Teli USB3 device driver and SDK are installed or totally unistalled. (The second follows a suggestion taken from Basler for using their cameras with IMAQdx.)


Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Best regards,


Labview 5.1 - 2020
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PS: When after several minutes my LabVIEW program can grab images (which seems to work well), one thing that does not work is IMAQdx Enumerate Video Modes (error). So, I'm afraid I also do not have access to (USB3 Vision) attributes.

Labview 5.1 - 2020
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PS 2: The thing with the attributes would probably be no issue. Apparently, it is not unusual that 'Video Modes' is not supported.


But now, for an unknown reason, the camera does not open at all, not even after a long time.

(It is not broken, it works with the manufacturer's viewer when switching to the own driver,)

Labview 5.1 - 2020
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Accepted by topic author mirola

This has been solved by Toshiba Teli via a new camera firmware.

I don't know why it didn't work from the beginning, assuming that every side is complying with an industry standard.

But kudos to Toshiba Teli for the efficiency in solving this.

Labview 5.1 - 2020
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