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Wireless connection to PXI from virtual machine


For anyone interested, I thought I'd post my experiences.  I just got a new computer (MacBook PRO) and installed VMWare's FUSION 3 on it.


Under Fusion, I am running Windows 7 in several virtual machines.


I did this so I could separate projects using 8.6 from projects using 2009, with no possibility of cross-pollination. 


In one of the VMs, I  installed LabVIEW 8.6.1f1, NI-DAQ 9.something, and NI-can 2.6.


The app that I'm working on talks to a PXI box via custom TCP protocol.  When running a test, the PXI sends 200+ channels of acquired data at 10Hz to the host, along with periodic status messages.


The app works flawlessly, much to my relief.  All data is on time, even when others are using wireless bandwidth.


The ONLY thing I had to fix (and it's minor) is the key mapping.  Because Mac by default translates control-click into right-click, there's no way to do cloning on the diagram (or panel) out of the box.  But there is an option in FUSION (Preferences- Keyboard and Mouse - Mac OS Shortcuts - Enable Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts = OFF) to take care of this.   So editing is as easy as ever, and I'm not tied to the box.

Steve Bird
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