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Windows Mobile 6.5 Bluetooth Problem

I have a PDA application that has been used on many versions of Windows mobile from 5 - 6.1. A customer recently contacted us to say that the application was not working on a new Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone.


I have just purchased a WM6.5 phone and is does not work on the one that I have purchased (HTC Touch 2). It works fine on a WM6.1 HTC Touch 3G.


The software is able to perform a 'Discover' function but it will not connect to the BT device.


Has anybody else had experience with WM6.5 and BT?


Thanks in advance.


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Hi ssk, 


Windows Mobile 6.5 isn't officially supported by our Mobile Module. Whilst some features may work, we cannot guarantee that they will. 


I think the best thing here is to open it to the floor, so to speak, and if member of the community have had experience with using Windows Mobile 6.5 and the Mobile Module then please feel free to share in this thread. 


Here is a link to a list of supported Mobile devices with our Mobile Module.


Kind Regards, 


Jason W.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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Hi Jason,


Would you be able to advise when the Mobile Module will support Windows Mobile 6.5?


This is becoming a real problem for me now. Windows Mobile 6.0 (or 6.1) devices are becoming very difficult to source and customers are struggling to find smartphones that will run the software we offer to them.


It appears as if most of our application (written in LV2010), works on WM6.5 apart from the 'Bluetooth Open Connection' function.


When it gets to the Bluetooth Open Connection (see below) the function outputs an Error code 6.




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Did somebody found solution of the problem with WM6.5 and BT communication support? Every application, not only LV have same problem.It is issue of the Microsoft, because of the non possibility to open and share Vistual Com Port which was possible in the system before. The window ComPorts is free without row support for the assignment of the COM PORT NUMBER. Who will have better answer from the support of the mobile tan me from the ASUS? Ther support is no able to solve it. Thanks for sharing info to all. VlaPET

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National Instruments are currently trying to resolve this issue.

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I found It on the internet. Providers of the WM6 distributions have no explicitly done the next in the registry.

It is good to install CeRegEditor and by this fill new rows.





The Key <SupportedPorts> is multi_string, then instead of the HEX values you can see now above you can write stringsmultivalue













Or I can send you serial.rgu file to direct import to the mobile by sw CeRegEditor.

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I was wondering if you could send me the serial.rgu file, as I am having problems entering the lines that you have shown on the site. I would greatly apreciate your help as I need a serial port on my HTC HD2 for a portable printer. 


                            Thanks, Peter

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