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Window bounds property not working properly

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Hello everyone,


please explain this behaviour to me: 

Why is there a gap on the left side? It is driving me nuts.


Update: Works as expected in windows 7. No gap on the left side.



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Looks like a Windows issue.  Different scheme.

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Accepted by topic author ImreSzebelledi

Thanks for the reply! After digging around it really is a windows 10 theme issue. By editing the windows metrics in the registry you can get better results but it won't go completely away. Really annoying but not a labview bug.

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Do you have links to the info you found about the theme issue, or the specific registry keys? Might be useful for the next person who comes across this Win10 issue.

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The semi transparent drag border counts as window bound (8 pixels usually, IIRC). If you make the window non-resizable, you'll get better results.

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Unfortunately even if i make it non resizable and set the registry values (\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\BorderWidth      ..\PaddedBorderWidth to 0 there is still a few pixel gap. But it really does help so thank you. I will have to put a few pixel correction into my program.

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Instead of changing that registry value, you can (try to) read the border width. GetSystemMetrics does this, with SM_CXBORDER (5) wired to it.


Once you have that value, simply subtract it from the rectangle's left, add it to i's right coordinate.


Trying to make it 0 is a battle you'll probably lose. And as all windows are affected, it's not really nice to users.


I think making a window a child of another window will also remove the border. Maybe you can elaborate a bit on the use case?

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