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Win2K crashes with PCI-GPIB

I am using a PCI-GPIB card under W2K, with driver version 1.60. All diagnostics
indicate that the card is functioning correctly, and there are no hardware
conflicts. I am able to use WaveStar to communicate with the Tektronix 694C
scope. When using Excel/VBA macros to control an oscope, W2K crashes to
a blue screen, with the message:

Hardware Failure

Please Contact Hardware Vendor

A hard reset is required to re-start the system. There is no error logged
by W2K, and using NI Spy reveals no consistent macro command that is causing
the failure. I have followed all the suggestions in the Troubleshooter,
Knowledge Base, etc. I have tried a different PCI-GPIB card from an known-good
system. I have tried this card in a differ
ent, identical system. Any other
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cory Allen
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