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Will RHS2000 from intan technology work with Labview 2017?

In our lab, we have RHS2000 equipment from Intan technology.


The Intan technology home page explains that RHD2000 works with Labview.


I would like to know if Labview 2017 works with RHS2000 that adds stimulating function with same specifications as the RHD2000.  


And is it possible to measure and graph signals in real time using these Intan instruments?


Thank you.

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You fail to mention one of the more interesting details: How is this device going to be connected to your PC?


If it is GPIB, Rs-232, or Virtual serial port over USB, the answer to your first question is almost certainly yes. If it is a fairly modern device it may also support the USB TMC device profile which would make it accessible too.

All this still doesn’t mean that you can plug it in and start taking measurements. You need to send this device specific commands and receive the answers that need to be parsed back into numbers for your measurements. This is done by and instrument driver. Intan saying that it is compatible with LabVIEW would be well advised to have developed such an instrument driver. It makes your life a lot easier but you can create such a driver yourself in LabVIEW, but that is of course an extra and usually considerable programming effort although not really rocket science.


If you can use it for realtime measurements will mostly depend on your definition about real time. This is a much used term that can mean anything from reasonably interactive without having to transfer data files through USB memory sticks to really hyper fast. The first depends on the functionality Intan implemented in the remote programming interface, the second requires a much tighter integration with the computer than what GPIB, RS-232 or standard USB can provide.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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